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 A & L Potato Company was established in 1941 and has been a family operated business since the beginning. Focusing our attention on the successful growing, storage, washing, packaging and marketing of red and yellow potatoes. A & L is located in East Grand Forks, MN and has been for 77 years!  We are a company that focuses on producing a safe great quality product each and every time. 

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We grow in the red river valley deemed some of the best soil for dry-land reds in the country. We A & L are in our second year of growing reds, and this year growing yellows. We also have quality orientated outside growers as well. 


We pack anything and everything from 3 lb poly to 2,200# bulk totes, as well as ship washed bulk on floor. We have an optical sorter to assure grade. We Pride ourselves in having loads up and turning trucks in and out. 


We run our own company trucks as well as have great relationship with outside carriers. We pride ourselves in transportation. 





    A & L Potato Company, Inc., is located at 605 4th St NE in East Grand Forks, MN. The current building was built in 2001 due to the flood of 1997’ claiming the prior location along with the rest of the city. Since 1941 A & L potato has been a strong ally to the farming community located in the Red River Valley.


    A & L Potato was established by brothers, Albert and Lawrence Boushey with dreams of delivering the best quality Red Potatoes, while providing a competitive price point to satisfy customer’s needs. Albert and Lawrence were very active in the growth of their business from the growing practices, to the packaging procedures and then the processing of their own potato sales. A Priority discovered early on was the institution of effective management procedures on the farm and in the washing facility that still hold to this day.


    A & L was experiencing professional successes, while struggling with partnership differences, eventually resulting in the 1956 split of Albert and Lawrence. Lawrence continued on with his entrepreneur methods and enter new business endeavors with his children. Albert continued on with A & L Potato and readily welcomed his two sons Thomas and Gerald to the family business. In 1974 Albert stepped aside and let his sons take over. A & L continued on with success until 1979 when Thomas and Gerald decided to part ways. Thomas took ownership of the wash plant and Gerald took over the farming portion of the company. 


    In 1982 A & L burnt to the ground. While facing difficult times Thomas embraced the entrance of his 3 sons Charles, Joe,and Randy. The boys played a critical role as they all drove semi, farmed, packed potatoes, sold potatoes and just about anything else needed of them.


Soon after the boys took over the business.Chuck and Randy continued to run the washing and packaging facility in East Grand Forks, MN. Now, after several years on their own Chuck and Randy are welcoming the fourth generation in the business. 


As of 2017 A & L Potato is entering back into Farming with hopes of continuing growth in acres and production in years to come.


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